Yet Another Shuffle for Winamp

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  1. About
  2. News
  3. Installation
  4. Configuration

1. About

Yet Another Shuffle (YAS) is a shuffle replacement plugin for Winamp.

YAS at WA Forum:

YAS aims to shuffle through almost all tracks from a playlist (as opposed to just shuffling through a subset of the playlist). In order to achieve this, YAS

YAS identifies a playlist by a hash code. A playlist's hash code is computed from

A pool of tracks not played so far from a playlist is made persistent between activations of that particular playlist by storing it in a file with a name representing the playlist's hash code. Those files are stored in directory "%APPDATA%\Winamp\Plugins\gen_yas".

NOTE: YAS is incompatible with JTFE (Jump to File Extra). In order to use YAS, JTFE has to be deactivated.

2. News

2013-12-14 0.1.2
  • Linked with MS Visual Studio 9.0 instead of 10.0.
  • Minor fixes.
2013-11-23 0.1.1 "Number of Tracks Already Played" also displays percentage.
2013-11-23 0.1
2013-10-27 0.0.4
  • Fixed a serious bug letting WA crash under certain circumstances.
  • Added a function for cleaning up garbage.
2013-10-20 0.0.3 Technically the length of a playlist is no longer part of it's correponding hash code. Instead the associated files's name is prefixed by the playlist's length.
2013-10-20 0.0.2 Preferences dialog added.
2013-10-13 0.0.1 Initial release.

3. Installation

  1. If not already done download and install Winamp:
    Winamp, Download bei heise.
  2. If not already done close Winamp.
  3. Deactivate JTFE (Jump to File Extra): In the "<Winamp>\Plugins" folder (e.g. "C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins") rename "gen_jumpex.dll" to "gen_jumpex.dll.X".
  4. Download the latest YAS release.
  5. Run the installer "gen_yas-<ver>.exe".
  6. Start Winamp.

4. Configuration

4.1. Status

The "Clear" button allows for resetting the pool associated to a playlist to contain the whole playlist.

The slider allows controlling when the pool associated to a playlist is reset to contain the whole playlist:

4.2. Options